Biography Bronzes Drawings-Pastels Mixed-Media Contact
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11” X 14”
pencil on gesso panel

A man of few words, Woodrow Dixon has lived his entire 80 years in Copiah County in the Southwest Mississippi woodlands. When he speaks, he prefers to get right to the point. No sense in mixing words or using more than required.

Once, when taking a young physician turkey hunting, Woodrow instructed the novice hunter to have his safety off before the gobbler was in striking range. When Woodrow called up a big turkey, the visiting hunter took careful aim as the bird broke his strut and paused to find his hen. Click went the safety and there went the prize turkey.

“You know, Doc,” Woodrow commented on the way back to the farmhouse for a Dixon family turkey hunt lunch, “huntin’ turkeys is like doctorin’ people. You make one mistake and he’s gone.”